Summer School 2019: What? How? Why?

The London School of Philosophy is delighted to announce registration is now open for the next in our tremendously successful annual fixture hosted in Conway Hall in the heart of Central London.

LSP Summer School 2019_Full Programme, Speaker Biographies and Optional Readings

The theme for 2019 is “Philosophical Questions: What? How? Why?”

Philosophy is typified by critical questioning. This three-day event will provide the inquiring mind with a philosophical feast of answers provoked by questions of definition, causation and purpose. We are planning to dedicate each day to one of the framing questions:

Wed 3 July, What? Questions of definition
Thurs 4 July, How? Questions of explanation
Fri 5 July, Why? Questions of purpose

Shahrar Ali
Piers Benn
Roman Frigg
Brendan Larvor
Andrea Lechler
Hallvard Lillehammer
Meade McCloughan
Jane O’Grady
Rachel Paine
Rupert Read
Julia Weckend
Arnold Zuboff

For adults with an interest and enthusiasm for the subject. No prior study of philosophy required. Students should have good oral English and be willing to participate in discussion.

Use the form here to begin registration.

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